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The Music

“Little Ireland” is one of the names used to describe the Heuvelland. Everyone who is acquainted with Ireland and the Heuvelland will agree to that name. During ’14-’18 a lot of Irish soldiers were stationed in the area and they left their inheritance which can still be felt, seen and heard. The love for folkmusic is part of the inheritance. Therefor there are several Irish pubs in the area. One is in Mesen and the most renown Irish pub is in Loker, the Redmonds. On the kemmelberg there is the biggest folkclub of the west of Flanders, called “Den Ekster”. Weekly performances by national and international musicians. In restaurant “De Rabbit” on the Rodeberg 5 evenings per week live-muziek (see: recommended.).

And then there is of course the Folkfetival of Dranouter. Years ago the Dranouter pub “De Zon’ started it as a garden party. Now it has grown into one of the biggest folkfestivals of Europe. An average number of 70 bands will perform in the three days that this festival will last. In the year 2000 a few of the performing artists were: Lou Reed, Robert Plant and The Chieftains..

For music on CD one can go to Lisa Records in Dranouter. Small but an outstanding collection of folk and worldmusic.Website Lisa Records: