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Mountainbike and Hiking

Heuvelland is, as the name suggests, a municipality with many hills and slopes. Ideal, in other words, for mountain bikers. Heuvelland has three routes fully designed for all-terrain bicycles, good for many hours of mountain biking pleasure. Hills, which we call mountains here, like the Kemmelberg, the Rodeberg and the Zwarteberg are defiantly waiting to be conquered. Steep descents, narrow paths, little gems of wood and field trails, and so on: you will find it all along the way.

Would you prefer taking it a bit slower? That too is possible. Recently, the Westhoek Bicycle Network came into being. Using a grid map with numbered routes and junctions, you can explore the region through routes you have selected yourself. Rectangular signs keep you on the right track. No matter which route you pick, the network will guide you to the most beautiful corners of the region on low-traffic and traffic-free roads. You make it as long and as difficult a trip as you like. Shift up a gear and tackle the Kemmelberg or maybe you’d rather go around it? You decide. The bicycle network map is available at the tourist information office in Kemmel.There you’ll also find the map and brochure for two loop bicycle routes: the West Flemish Mountain Route (45 km) and the Schreve Route (46 km) and the thematic cycling-tour The Battle of the Mines (28,6 km).

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