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Amazing area

Heuvelland has beautiful walking and cycling routes over the Kemmelberg, Rodeberg, Zwarteberg,..
Passing war monuments, castle grounds and vine yards. The area is ideal for day visitors to Ieper(10km), Poperinge (15km) or Rijsel (50km), The coast (North sea and ) and even Frans-Vlaanderen (Katsberg, Kasselberg, Belle, Bergues).The Westhoek is the Far West of Flanders, the most southern county of the Westhoek is Heuvelland.

Heuvelland  Ieper

Fotogeniek Heuvelland

Surrounded by France, the North sea and big cities such as Ostend, Roeselare and Kortrijk gives the Westhoek a varied landscape. Ranging from beautiful coastal areas and polder landscapes across the IJzervlakte including agricultural areas, unique towns and picture perfect villages.

Heuvelland is a collection of villages and hills. It is made up of 8 small villages;
De Klyte, Westouter, Loker, Dranouter, Kemmel, Nieuwkerke,  Wulvergem and Wijtschate…


The highest point in the county is the Kemmelberg  (156m); followed by the Vidaigneberg  (136m), the Rodeberg (129m), the Scherpenberg  (125m) and a smaller hill (82m) where Wijtschate lies.  (Helling van Wijtschate). On the border with France lies the Zwarteberg.

During the Great War hardly any trees were left standing, which is seen by the numerous war graves and monuments resulting in a semi-open landscape. Only the hilltops have been greatly reforested, mainly with oak, beech and sweet chestnut. Various organizations such as Natuurfonds Westland and the Vlaamse gemeenschap are working to preserve nature reserves and forestry in Heuvelland. The village of Kemmel is built around the village square, the Dries. At the edge of the village in the middle of the park is the town hall, the Warande. This castle dates back to 1925 and was owned by baron Jaques Bruneel de la Warande, former mayor of Kemmel, it has acted as town hall since the fusion of the councils.

The castle ground covers over 17 hectare of land, which has many native tree species and has walk paths, park benches and ponds.

Palingbeek    Zonnebeke    Poperinge

Go back in time. Discover the roots of our ´mountains´. Meet Celts, Romans, cloth merchants and farmers. Watch how the landscape has been distorted and rebuilt. The visitor centre ´het Heuvelland´ uses modern audiovisuals to let you actively discover the different aspects of the landscape.